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Many homeowners put off or dismiss yearly furnace inspections and only call for service when they wake up in the morning to a freezing cold residence. Regular inspections are the best way to prevent major repairs, that always seem to occur at the most inconvenient of times! A yearly inspection also goes further than just changing filters and replacing batteries on the thermostat. A yearly inspection ensures your safety, increases energy efficiency and prevents major malfunctions, that can be costly.

A traditional furnace inspection is usually used to address common non-emergency problems. If you find that your energy bill has increased, your furnace rapidly cycles on and off, you are hearing “thuds” or squeaking when your furnace starts up, you have excessive dust depositing around your furnace or ductwork or your home doesn’t seem as warm as it usually is, then it is time to schedule an inspection before the cold weather leaves you in a predicament. Other benefits of furnace inspections include keeping your furnace warranty valid, better air circulation, cleaner air in your home environment, reduced allergens, prevention of carbon monoxide buildup, prolonging the life of your current furnace and identifying worn out components that need attention.

If you suspect that your furnace needs immediate attention, do not delay seeing professional assistance. Furnace emergencies can involve smelling gas or rotten eggs, booming or banging (in the furnace due to clogged burners) and constant clicking (usually a sign of sensor damage). If you experience any of these signs it is best to seek professional assistance immediately.

Integrity Home Evaluation Services covers a standard furnace inspection, but we recommend having your furnace inspected yearly by a qualified HVAC technician and be sure that your yearly inspection includes checking air filters, checking all connections and components, cleaning fans/belts/pulleys/blowers, assessment of the fittings and inspection for cracks and corrosion.

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