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Springtime home for sale in northeast Ohio

Having inspected hundreds of homes in Northeast Ohio, I know with certainty that they always show something that wasn’t expected. Whether it be a small drip from the spigot in the garage, an electrical outlet that was never properly grounded or something more extensive like radon gas, these are issues that should be addressed before your home is listed.


By finding out any potential problems before listing, you, the homeowner is showing all potential buyers that you are being transparent with them. There is nothing better than a new home buyer seeing an inspection was already completed and that they do not have to have one done. Although some potential buyers will still want their own inspection, most buyers will acknowledge the one completed, which expedites the whole real-estate transaction process.


By having a pre-listing inspection, you are taking control of the situation and can better handle any price negotiations. Once you have an inspection you have the right to address any issues on your own prior to selling, as well as choosing your own contractor to complete any repairs. By choosing your own contractor, you can price shop or even complete certain repairs on your own, which could save you significant money.


A pre-listing inspection also lowers stress and selling anxiety for the seller. We all want our homes to sell for asking price. There is nothing worse than everything going along smoothly only to have an inspection comeback with expensive repairs or health concerns, that could risk the sale or substantially lower your offer.  A home inspection with too many red flags is the number one reason why home offers fall apart, so take advantage of the situation and understand what can be remedied before listing your home to avoid that aggravation.

Integrity Home Evaluation home inspector performing an inspection in Northeast Ohio

As always, if you are interested in setting up a home inspection for your current or potential home, contact Integrity Home Evaluation services today and learn why we are Northeast Ohio’s trusted rental inspector in Akron, Aurora, Brecksville, Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson, Medina, Solon, Streetsboro and Twinsburg.


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