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Integrity Home Evalutaion inspector providing services for property and home

A home inspection usually means that you already have an offer placed on your property and that you are in the home stretch of finalizing the sale. So, what could possibly go wrong? As a potential buyer, property seller, real-estate agents and all parties involved, an incomplete property inspection can be just as detrimental as finding a major flaw in the property. With an incomplete report the potential buyer can back out of the sale and leave you back at square one.


An incomplete property report happens more often than it should and there are simple steps that Integrity Home Evaluation Services recommends to all home sellers to ensure that a complete inspection can be completed in a timely manner. The following checklist covers most areas of your property that may be more difficult to access or need to be addressed prior to a home inspector’s arrival. By double checking these items prior to the inspection, you can expedite the process and lessen the need for additional testing or further inspection.

Checklist for property seller- prior to home inspection

  1. Provide all keys, combinations to doors, gates and electronic locks.

  2. Remove your cars or large belongings from garages, to ensure that the inspector can access this area safely and securely.

  3. Be sure that all utilities are turned on. Even if the property is not currently being lived in, all utilities will need to be tested. If utilities have been shut off, they should be turned back on. You will need to contact your public utility companies prior to the inspection and set up connection.

  4. If your home has radiators or baseboard heating elements, you will need to ensure that these are accessible for the inspector to turn on.

  5. All air conditioning vents on walls and floors need to be unobstructed.

  6. If your home is connected to propane, be sure that a sufficient level of fuel is available in the tank(s).

  7. If you have pilot lights on your water heater, stove, fireplace or other appliance, be sure that it is lit.

  8. Clean wood burning fireplaces and be sure that they are unobstructed for inspection.

  9. Keep areas of electrical panels and breaker boxes clear of obstructions.

  10. Ensure adequate room to negotiate basements, crawl spaces and attics.

  11. Trim bushes and clear any debris from home exterior, especially around faucets, vents, AC units and windows.

  12. Remove dishes from the sink and allow access to under sink cabinets and shut-off valves.

  13. Replace batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

  14. Replace any burned out light bulbs in ceiling lights and built in fixtures.

  15. If appliances are included in the sale of the home, ensure that they are accessible, clean and free of clothing and dishes.

  16. Do not leave pets in the home during an inspection. Doors and windows will open and the last thing a home seller wants is to return home learning that Fido ran away in the excitement.

  17. Turn off all computers in the home. Your home inspector may need to shut off power in certain rooms and the last things you would want is to lose any important information that was not saved on your computer.

  18. Leave behind your phone number and be sure that you can accept a call during the inspection, in the rare event that the inspector has a question or cannot access a certain area of your home.

  19. Leave behind in a prominent area any important documents, warranties, relevant permits as well as your real-estate disclosure form that you signed with your real-estate agent (if one applies).


These 19 tips prior to home inspection, can ensure a smooth inspection process for all parties. Integrity is Northeast Ohio’s trusted home and property inspector covering Portage, Cuyahoga, Summit and Medina Counties. Interested in setting up a home inspection for your current or potential home? Contact Integrity Home Evaluation services today and learn why we are Northeast Ohio’s trusted rental inspector in Akron, Aurora, Brecksville, Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson, Medina, Solon, Streetsboro and Twinsburg.


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