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Updated: Mar 3, 2023

You and your family are beyond excited about owning your new home. Everything is going very smoothly with one last item to schedule and take care of: a home inspection.

It isn’t prudent to skip this process. Since you are moving into the area from out of state or out of the county, choosing the right inspector can seem like a difficult task. Luckily, your realtor has given you a list of their recommended inspectors.

Should you follow their lead? Maybe. Here are the pros and cons of doing so.

Pros of Using Your Realtor’s Home Inspector

  1. The people on their list are most likely ones they have used often. Your agent will most likely recommend individuals they have used many times over and know their work.

  2. Their recommendation will save you time. No need to interview inspectors, check online reviews, or review credentials. You trust your realtor, so whoever they recommend must be good.

Cons of Using Your Realtor’s Home Inspector

  1. Since realtors work on a straight commission, they may only recommend inspectors they know will give glowing reports. It is difficult to know whether your home inspector gives an unbiased or untruthful report.

  2. Some inspectors pay a marketing fee to the real estate company to be on their list. While this is not illegal, reputable inspectors won’t pay to be included on a vendor list. In fact, most professional inspector organizations forbid this action, including the American Society of Home Inspectors.

How Can You Choose Wisely?

  1. Check on the licenses and certifications of the inspector. Although each state has its mandates, the Ohio Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing enforces the requirement that home inspectors be licensed in Ohio. In addition, all licensed inspectors must have a written agreement with their client and provide a written inspection report to that client following the inspection.

  2. Read their reviews. An inspector with little to no reviews is probably someone you don’t want to hire.

  3. Check with friends, family, and neighbors for their recommendations if you are from the area.

Bottom line – you need an unbiased report that outlines the problems your new home has. Even in a tight real estate market, the last thing you want is to purchase an unsafe home or a true money pit.

We are a Tested, Trusted, and Certified Home Inspection Company

We provide certified home inspection services in Northeast Ohio, including Akron, Aurora, Brecksville, Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson, Kent, Medina, Solon, Stow, Streetsboro, and Twinsburg. We happily conduct home inspections in Portage County, Summit County, and Medina County.


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