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While no home passes or fails an inspection, my job as an inspector is to point out any red flags that a potential home buyer or owner should be aware of. Even if you have inspected your future property extensively, it is likely that you are not aware of all the red flags you should look for. Once you sign final paperwork and obtain the keys, those issues become yours and yours alone.

Most intensive home issues occur behind walls and under floors and are not easily spotted by a home buyer- this is why a professional investigation can be warranted. Some areas that a professional home inspector will thoroughly assess are: roof, plumbing, electrical, home exterior, foundation and structural concerns and safety issues such as mold, insect damage and radon gas.

If your inspection report has red flags, many potential buyers are unsure of what their next steps should be, and that is what Integrity is there for! We can assist you in handling any potential concerns so that you have direct answers and can move forward in your decision. If you encounter “deal breaker problems” you have three options: you can continue with the purchase and assume responsibility of renovations, you can ask the seller to make repairs or cover the cost of repairs, or you can terminate the sale.

Having a trusted, licensed and certified home inspector helps to guide you in your decision process, after all purchasing a home is usually one of the largest financial decisions that you will ever make. Integrity Home Evaluation Services is here for you, providing assurance in your family’s safety and investment. Call today to schedule your inspection or to learn more about our services in Northeast Ohio.


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