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A large portion of our home and property inspections are done in Hudson, Ohio. Hudson is known for being an outstanding community in Northeast Ohio, as it has nationally ranked schools, quaint retail shops, fine dining, parks, nature preserves, as well as art and cultural venues.

Real estate in Hudson is always in demand due to the historic district, tree-lined neighborhoods and Western Reserve small-town charm. Before you list or purchase a home in Hudson, be sure to have a through home inspection by a licensed inspector who is familiar with the area and knows Hudson properties. Integrity Home Evaluation Services is Hudson’s trusted home inspector and can test for and help amend many problematic elements that could save you time, money and ensure your health and safety.

Hudson, Ohio is known for having high levels of radon in residential developments, regardless of the homes age. Radon is a radioactive gas that can not be smelled, seen or tasted. It can enter homes through the foundation, crawlspaces, floors, walls and soil. All homes have some radon present, but excessive levels can put you and your family at risk for lung cancer. Integrity can test for radon and if your property levels are high, we can guide you to properly mitigate radon gas.

Another issue in some Hudson neighborhoods that you should be aware of before purchasing or listing your home is aluminum wiring. I have seen many potential home buyers running into this issue in recent years. While aluminum wiring was standard practice from 1965-1973, it is now considered outdated and a fire hazard. Aluminum wiring loses its shape and structure over time from repeated temperature changes, it creates an unstable connection, electrical resistance, corrosion and oxidation problems. We are finding that many homes with solid aluminum circuit branch wiring cannot be insured properly because many insurers will not underwrite on this, due to safety concerns.

How do I know if my home has aluminum wiring? Some signs to look for when assessing your wiring include:

-Terminals marked CO/ALR “Copper/Aluminum Revised”

-The word “Aluminum” or initials “AL” visible on your wire jackets

-Homes built or renovated between 1965 and 1973

If you are in doubt of what type of wiring is in your current home or home you are about to purchase, Integrity Home Evaluation Services is your local, trusted expert and can guide you through this process as well as radon testing services. Integrity is Hudson, Ohio’s trusted home inspector and understand Northeast Ohio communities and property demands.


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