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Updated: Mar 4, 2023

home repairs, pre-listing inspections

Typically homebuyer’s hire a home inspector to find the issues with a home prior to purchase. Most of the time sellers just think “Oh they’ll find anything that’s wrong and we’ll deal with it then”.

However, you can always hire your own home inspector for a pre-listing sellers inspection. Doing so will give you some insight into your home’s worth and save you some headaches as a bonus.

Pre-listing inspections is just like any other home inspection. After you book an appointment with an inspector, they’ll come to your home, and walk through your home, examining every major and minor element, and document it’s condition and severity of any issues found at that time.

You’ll get a home inspection report that classifies minor and major issues. Most likely a buyer of your home will still hire their own inspector.

So, why bother with a pre-listing inspection? Here are seven reasons why:

You Attract Confident Buyers

You want to attract buyers that understand quality. Many meticulous buyers respect and appreciate a seller that cares enough about their home to get an inspection and get ahead of fixes.

You Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

Speaking of getting ahead of fixes…A pre-listing inspection helps you avoid that nasty surprise that could kill the deal. Buyer’s inspectors will most likely find the defects anyway, so learning about them ahead of time prevents that shock.

A Smooth Transaction

Eliminating the unknown increases confidence on both sides and makes for a smoother transaction. When you leave discovery of the home’s condition entirely to the buyer is when problems arise. They will want to renegotiate the price or ask for repairs to be made. Then you need to get estimates and wait around on contractors, which can lead to serious disagreements and lag time.

You Learn About Issues in Your Home

The pre-listing inspection will eliminate the fear and stress that a home inspection with a buyer can bring. Since a home inspection comes after an offer is already made, the risk of losing a buyer due to a home inspection is very much a reality and can kill the sale of your home. When you learn about the condition of your home before it goes to market, you have a chance to learn what might impact the sale of your home.

You Can Make Repairs

The advantage of a pre-listing inspection will allow you to make any home repairs that may scare a new home buyer from the purchase of your home. As a bonus, you will be able to use new features or fixes to market the home better if you’re in a buyer’s market.

You Save Time

Time is money. And pricing your home right is dependent on knowing the home’s condition and if any major issues exist. This can help prevent more days on the market, which ultimately leads to lower selling prices.

You Can Negotiate with Ease

Home inspections typically result in new negotiations. When you get a pre-listing inspection, the chances of that happening are far less. Since negotiating can be an exhaustive process, this may decrease the stress in selling your home.

If you want to increase buyer confidence, decrease stress, and ensure that you get the most for your home, we believe pre-listing inspections are a great choice.

At Integrity, we do believe that in many cases the benefits outweigh the cost of a pre-listing inspection. You can’t always put a price on avoiding headaches and delays, but we know it’s valuable!

Let us know if we can help with pre-listing inspections to help you sell your home!

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