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Updated: Mar 4, 2023

home seller tips

Home Seller Tips Before the Inspection 

A home inspection is a step that many potential buyers use as deciding whether they will make an offer on a home.

Here are some home seller tips to make the buyer’s inspection of your home go smoothly!

1. Think About Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is an important part of making a great first impression. The chances are that the buyer has already seen the home with their realtor and done a tour of your home, for which you already tidied up the home.

However, they probably weren’t paying as close of attention, and while they remember what the home looked like, it isn’t fresh in their memory. So this is the perfect time to amp up your home’s curb appeal and get it looking the best it can. 

In addition, the home inspector has never seen your home, and they will be looking closely at it, so you’ll want to make sure that you impress them from the get-go with how clean and maintained your home looks. 

2. Check Your Roof & Gutters

You’ll want to clean out the gutters and clear the roof of the debris because the inspector will need to access these parts of your home. 

Clearing out the gutters will allow them to easily see if they are in good condition and working properly. 

  1. Make sure water run-off isn’t pooling next to the house

  2. Clean the roof of any debris with a leaf blower or pressure washer

  3. Clean the gutters thoroughly

Note – If you decide to make repairs, make sure to fix them or don’t fix them at all fully. 

The inspector will note temporary fixes patching or caulk as a defect, & it is a sign that you don’t put effort into maintenance. 

It is better to leave defects, and then they can be fully repaired by the buyer – but remember that this will likely be used as collateral in final negotiations & usually results in a lower offer.

3. Get Your Interior Ready

Make sure that the inside of your home is just as ready as the outside! This is important for the inspector and buyer as well. 

A clean and tidy interior will help the buyers picture themselves living there instead of being distracted by the mess. 

  1. Test all of the interior doors and locks

  2. Check for leaks under sinks

  3. Check the water heater for proper operation

  4. Change the filter on an HVAC system

  5. Inspect all caulking, trim, and seals

  6. Check smoke detectors for proper operation

  7. Test all fixtures, lights, and fans

  8. Inspect all drywall for cracks and nail pops

  9. Clear away clutter that is blocking major systems like the furnace 

4. Provide Access to All Areas

Home inspectors will normally inspect all structures on your property, like garages and other storage areas like sheds or other disconnected units, so you’ll have to give them keys, garage entryway openers, or entryway codes for these units. 

What’s more, if you have a sprinkler box or different frameworks with electrical board boxes or other utility boxes, leave keys and directions for accessing them.

5. Supply Important Documents

It’s a good idea to leave paperwork from remodeling projects out for inspectors, plus documentation about repairs and upgrades that you have made like a new furnace, HVAC system, roof, plumbing, etc.

This will help the inspector make the report for the buyer after the inspection and help give the buyer more peace of mind because they have a record of what has and hasn’t been done.  

6. Leave the House

The buyer and the inspector will both be there during the inspection, and out of respect for them, it is best if you are not present. 

That way, they can discuss any defects they may find in confidence without worrying about upsetting you.

Follow These Home Seller Tips, and Everything Will Go Smoothly!

If you follow these home seller tips, your inspection should go well! As long as you take care of your home and do regular maintenance, the inspection shouldn’t stress about; after all, it is mostly to give the buyer peace of mind.

If you have other questions – or you’d like to schedule your own home inspection before buyers look at your home, feel free to contact us today!

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