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Updated: Mar 4, 2023

mold assessment, Integrity Home Services LLC

Most homeowners aren’t entirely sure when they need to carry out mold inspection. However, understand that mold inspection is quite different from the typical housing inspection. Yes, most of the time, you can see mold in corners and cracks of your home. In most cases, mold grows in places that aren’t easily accessible, including between the walls.

Knowing when your home needs mold inspection, therefore, becomes a critical aspect. In this next section, we will walk you through all the signs that your home needs a mold inspection. Below are three situations that warrant testing for mold in your building.

  1. Manifestation of allergic symptoms

Are you experiencing any allergic symptoms, including headaches, stuffy head, runny nose, or scratchy throat? Your home probably needs mold inspection from a certified technician. If you see anything that resembles mold, then it is probably mold.

  1. Musty odor

When you smell an incredibly robust and musty odor in your home, the problem might be a buildup of mold between the walls. Allow a trained technician to inspect between the walls and hard-to-reach areas.

  1. Water issues or plumbing leaks

If your office or home has been having water issues or plumbing leaks, you need to carry out a mold inspection. Understand that increased humidity in your home is the leading cause of mold in your office or home.

What Should I Do to Reduce Mold in My Home?

Carrying out certain activities in your home can help you reduce mold infestation in your home. These activities include cleaning all visible mold, ensuring the kitchen and bathroom are always dry, fixing leaking plumbing, and venting your clothes dryers. We recommend you allow trained experts to do this work since they have the right tools for the job.


We’re here to help with mold inspection in your home or office. You can contact us at your convenience to have a certified technician help you handle mold in your building. Our team has years of experience in the field to help you with all matters relating to mold.

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