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With the current competitive state of the housing market, it may be tempting for home buyers to forgo an inspection to expedite and guarantee the sale of their dream home. However, any real estate broker (who is looking out for your best interest) would agree with me that skipping a home inspection is very risky and not a practical move. A professional home inspection is the only way to obtain an accurate overview of the home, ensuring that there is no buyers remorse. A home inspection can take several hours and can bring to light unknown safety hazards such as electrical and fire hazards, carbon monoxide as well as radon gas. A home inspection also addresses major structural issues such as foundational integrity, roofing repairs, plumbing concerns, as well as small issues and repairs that could quickly add up for the new buyer. Even if you are aware of the home’s issues and still move forward with the sale it is important to be aware of the major defects, because at some point these repairs will need to be factored into your budget.

A professional home inspection is a true negotiating tool and may allow you a way out of your contract/offer based on contingency clauses. Without an inspection, you are buying a property “as is” and can be locked in to the offer contract. If you find yourself in a bidding war and your real estate agent is advising you to forgo the inspection, there are three steps that you can take to mitigate risk.

  • Schedule a walk-through consultation with a home inspector. While no home inspector can conduct a thorough inspection with limited time, access and tools, they still can share professional observations with you and highlight any immediate concerns that you might not be aware of. Always be sure to have a full inspection done prior to moving into the property, to ensure your safety and the safety of your family. (A walk-through consultation is NOT a property inspection and cannot test for or inspect all areas of the home.)

  • Ask to see recent inspection reports of the furnace, pest control, fireplaces and any areas of the home that have been recently worked on. A lot of times the contractors will make notes of repairs needed. You will also be able to see what repairs have been completed and ensure that maintenance is up to date.

  • You can choose to place an offer on a “quick selling” home that is still contingent on a home inspection, but state that no price negotiations will take place after the inspection. This ensures the seller that you are interested in the home and are firm in your offer, but it will still give you a way to back out of the deal, if major issues are discovered.

With all home purchases, be sure to communicate your needs and concerns with your real estate agent and trusted home inspector- this will ensure that the process is as transparent and stress-free as possible.

Call Northeast Ohio’s top home inspector, Integrity Home Evaluation Services today to schedule an inspection of your future home. We work for you to ensure your safety and investment.


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