Mold Assessment

Consider hiring Integrity Home Evaluation Services for your mold assessment. Living with mold can be detrimental to health, make sure that your home is protected.

Why Get a Mold Test?

There are many different kinds of mold that can occur in a home, so it is important to have the home tested for presence of mold.

Mold inspections are a routine part of our home inspection process, and we make sure to look for places where mold could potentially grow. However, the naked eye isn’t always enough, so we have specialized equipment & send in samples we find to accredited laboratories. 

While not all molds are toxic, they can cause issues with breathing and make allergies worse. Having mold in your home is a major health concern, so getting a professional mold inspector to clear your home is a good idea. 

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What Can Happen if Mold is in My Home?

While most types of mold aren’t toxic, they can still cause health problems if they aren’t taken care of.

The most common types of health problems are: 

  • allergies
  • allergic reactions (which can be severe)
  • sinus infections
  • lung inflammation
  • respiratory infections
  • asthma attacks
  • breathing problems

Black mold and other toxic molds can cause asthma attacks, fatigue, depression, sinus infections and severe breathing issues. 

Testing for Mold

There are two different types of mold tests – stand alone mold inspections and mold sampling. 

Stand Alone Mold Inspections 

  • A stand alone mold inspection is specifically for mold inspection and does not include other home inspecting. We look for only mold and moisture problems, as well as test the air indoors and outdoors for spore samples. This is generally for people who already own their home and have noticed possible signs of mold, or for homeowners who are preparing to list their home. 

Mold Sampling

  • Mold sampling is often a part of a routine home inspection, and can be done in addition to the home inspection. The process of mold sampling in addition to a regular home inspection is important for potential homebuyers, because if mold is found it can be used as leverage in negotiating a lower asking price from the seller. However, if a significant amount of mold is found, this can save the buyer from purchasing a potentially unlivable/unhealthy home.  
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