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At Integrity Home Evaluation, our Akron home inspection provides you with the information you need to make an informed decision about the property in a clear, concise, and professional manner.


We feel confident that you’ll be satisfied with our inspection service and our inspection report. A home inspection is an essential step in purchasing a home or building. We understand that and want to make sure you have an enjoyable inspection experience.

For the home buyer, having a good understanding of the condition of a property is crucial to making informed decisions during a real estate transaction.


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We provide:

Seller and Buyer Home Inspections

Commercial Inspections

Radon Inspections and

WDI Inspections

When you or someone you know needs the services of a quality home inspection company, we would truly appreciate you thinking of us.


We Protect Your Home Investment Every Step Of The Way


Let our experienced Akron home inspectors help keep you from buying a money pit. We’ll alert you to the health, safety, or maintenance issues of the home or building you’re looking to buy.

We’re highly experienced and extremely thorough. So if you’re looking to buy or sell in the Akron, OH area, we can help!

We take pride in our commitment to following high standards and providing professional service to our customers.